About Pam

Dr Pam Ryan is an educator with extensive leadership experience in both public and private sectors, in Australia and internationally. Now working part-time, Pam was Industry Professor (Learning and Education) at the University of Technology Sydney. From 2010-2014 Pam was Director of Education for a Hong Kong-based foundation of 21 international schools, prior to which she spent 7 years as a School Education Director in the NSW government system and 10 years as a secondary school principal.

Pam has published four books on school leadership: Leadership in Education: Learning from Experience (Halstead Press, 2015); Wise Heads Wise Hearts (ACER Press, 2016); Action and Reflection Tools for Busy School Leaders (ACER, 2017), and School Leadership: A Reality Check (Halstead, 2020). The subject of Pam’s doctoral research was the nature leadership dysfunction, how it impacts on individuals and schools, what it can tell us about thinking differently about leadership.

In community life, Pam served a 4-year term as a councillor in local government, including a year as Deputy Mayor of a regional city.

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