2 responses to “Video introduction to Circles of Trust

  1. Hi SP, just finished your monograph. Wow, congratulations my friend. It’s rare to be able to give such an over arching analysis to issues that are so personal. What you are doing is really important. I of course loved your ecosystem and complexity ideas. I initially had the bio-feedback idea of homeostasis in my head but the ecosystem idea works for me. Can’t wait for the full book and that long awaited book tour across the USA ( that has its own leadership issues) and of course Europe and Britain. We are available at short notice and very low cost ( just your company is enough!!)

    Such thought, deep and based not only on wide reading, but original research and the lived experience. Really can it get any more authentic than that? As I often said about my career, I didn’t know who ( or what) the DET was, I just worked for you, that was enough for me!

    Congratulations, hopefully generations of leaders will benefit from your wisdom. There does seem to be a deficit of trust and ethical behaviour at the moment ( not sure it’s any worse than before?) so your contribution to the conversation is timely and important. Advice: start with Cricket Australia men side, then go from there! Lots of love and continuing admiration SW

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    • Thanks for much for that Bill. I value your opinion greatly so really appreciate your thoughts. And yes, to the world tour – and the men’s cricket team!

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